Congrats to Sophia

for winning the

Name The Moose Contest,

with “Mack the Moose”! Nice job!


Our runner-up winner is Dorothy. She lives off-Cape and we’ve mailed her her prizes. We’ll share her photo next season when she is back on the Cape.

Thank you to everyone who entered and helped make this a huge success!

Stoney The Moose

Stoney’s Cape Cod Brother…

“Mack” the Moose On The Loose on Cape Cod.

Emack & Bolio’s Cape Cod announces its

“Name the Moose” Contest!

Here’s the scoop:

We all know Stoney the Chocolate Moose has been the Emack & Bolio’s mascot since 1975. What we didn’t know, until now, is that Stoney has a nearly identical twin brother. That’s right, there’s a Moose On The Loose on Cape Cod and he and Stoney are brothers!
It’s an amazing story with a lot of mystery and intrigue. Obvious questions arise: Why didn’t we know Stoney had a brother? Where has his brother been and what has he been doing all this time on Cape Cod?
According to local legend, sometime in the early 1980’s (approximately the time Emack and Bolio’s opened shop on Cape Cod in 1983) there were reports of a moose carving up bomb waves off the lower and outer Cape beaches. After a while these reports were so common nobody thought there was anything odd about a moose surfing, it just happened.
Fast forward to today….DNA testing…facial recognition…yada yada yada…Stoney has a brother and he lives on Cape Cod. We aren’t sure where he lives but we think it might be Wellfleet because, you know, it’s Wellfleet.
We only have one picture of Stoney’s brother so far. When the picture showed up we asked if anyone had gotten the name of the moose. No one has his name but a couple people who have asked said they heard him make some noise that sounded like he might have been saying, “Call me whatever you’d like. Gotta go, surf’s up!”
Help us name the Moose On The Loose, Stoney’s Cape Cod brother, and win prizes!


1st Prize – An Emack & Bolio’s Cape Cod, Ice Cream and Merchandise Prize Package.
The winning name will be selected by an esteemed panel of Cape Cod locals and win the Emack and Bolio’s Prize Package. The jury will take into account the number of “Likes” or “Comments” that may accumulate on any entry.
Runner-Up – An Emack & Bolio’s Cape Cod, Runner-up Prize Package.
Everyone who enters will be registered to win the Emack and Bolio’s Runner-up Prize Package. The runner-up winner will be selected by a random drawing of all entries.

The contest may be over, but we’d still love to hear from you…

Send it to the Moose Contact Form

(Emack and Bolio’s Cape Cod does not share or sell any email addresses submitted.)


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